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As a domestic violence and criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs, Michael Salkind has years of experience helping those who have made bad decisions, as well as those who are been falsely accused of committing a crime.

We all make bad decisions at point or another. If your bad decision amounted to a crime, you still deserve the protection of a qualified lawyer.

One thing you should understand about laws, especially domestic violence laws, however, is that they are constantly changing, and people find themselves in court for things that should not be illegal. In fact, one bad decision about how to deal with a domestic violence issue can often leads to unforeseeable, and life-altering consequences, which often can be prevented by a competent and experienced domestic violence attorney.

There are a few things you need to know about domestic violence laws in Colorado.

First, any number of crimes can amount to a domestic violence crime, as long as it's an act, or threatened act, of violence against someone you are, or were, intimately involved with. As state law indicates, it can be a crime against a person or property. Did you break a car window out of anger? Acts of violence can mean several different thing if the action is associated with an attempt to intimidate, control or exact revenge. Second, if an officer responds to a domestic violence call, and has reason to believe that someone committed an act of domestic violence, the suspect of the crime must be arrested and taken to jail.

Additionally, a domestic violence victim cannot choose whether or not to file charges. They can't drop the charge even though they're the person who initially reported the crime. A case can still be pursued, even if the victim does not want to pursue charges.

If you are looking for either a domestic violence or criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs, feel free to contact us today at (719) 633-8900. We're here to help.

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