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Colorado Springs Attorney

Don't be stuck with a bad decision!

I am an experienced criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs. I represent those who have made bad decisions, as well as those who are falsely accused of having violated the law. Many people are charged with crimes after having made a very fast and often regrettable decision, whether lawful or not. Now is not the time to make a quick decision - make a measured and thoughtful decision about the person who will represent you in what may be the most important event in your life. In the areas of domestic violence and drinking and driving, many people are not aware of changes in the laws, and the fact that things that were once legal may not be anymore. Making a bad decision about how to deal with these issues often leads to dire and unforeseeable consequences, which may not occur if represented by a competent and experienced attorney in Colorado Springs.

For example, people are serving jail time and losing their licenses for driving after having had only a small amount to drink. Many people lose their careers and impair their futures because they take bad plea offers in domestic violence cases.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of the free consultation I offer; sit down with me, get to know me, ask as many questions as you need to make the decision. If, after our meeting, you are comfortable with me and you believe that I can help limit the damage as much as possible, as well as represent you competently, honestly and with necessary expertise, then please hire me to do so.

- Michael Salkind

Colorado Springs DUI Attorney

If you are in need of an attorney in Colorado Springs, call Michael Salkind. He is able to represent you in cases involving felony defense, misdemeanor defense, drinking and driving, other serious traffic offenses, and restraining orders.


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